Super Paradise Beach
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Located 6 km south-east of Mykonos Town, Super Paradise beach is the most alternative beach on the island. Virtually void of hotels, the exclusivity and unique ambiance of Super Paradise beach has made it a favorite hot spot for gay and straight visitors. Super Paradise is set in a wide bay, where the echoes of the restaurant and the disco bar emit the energy and vibrancy of Mykonos all day long. The beach includes a "nude only" area if you want to avoid tan lines while enjoying the scene! 

Throughout the years, Super Paradise Beach Club has made its name a synonym to "party" in Mykonos. Packed with clubbers, jet-setters, models and VIPs, do not get surprised if you spot a celebrity among the crowd or dancing next to you. Super Paradise beach calls for fun in the sun amidst an eclectic crowd, with or without clothes. Meet a great mix of personalities and bodies enjoying the vibes of the beach while worshipping the sun. Unwind in a relaxed atmosphere early in the day, and get ready to party as time passes by. In mid-afternoon, the music gets louder and the beach becomes the place to be. Whether dancing on the platforms or enjoying a cocktail under the trees, you will find yourself at the hottest beach club in Mykonos.

Open: 9AM


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A full refund of your reservation will be provided if cancelled before 48 hours of your rental date.  Please select your reservation time during the checkout process.  No reservations are allowed past 1 00 PM for Super Paradise.  If you do not cancel your reservation and you do not appear by your reservation time, there will be NO refund whatsoever, and the host will be free to rent the umbrella set and/package to another guest.    No refunds due to inclement weather.

When making a reservation, you will be charged a booking fee.  The booking fee includes all taxes and fees and is non refundable at any time.

You acknowledge and agree that the host, not is responsible for the beach sets/packages which you have reserved and for any other problem that may arise from you entering the beach.  

After completion of the reservation, only the host, not is obligated to complete the reservation by providing the guests with their desired umbrella sets/package through