Soul by Splash
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1997— The year it all began. Back in 1997, “Splash” became a reality and opened its doors for the first time.  Many amazing summers have passed since then.  Summers filled with laughter, memorable moments, lots of fun and numerous wonderful people from all around the world, whom we are now proud and happy to call our friends.

2017— Twenty years later, we are excited to present you with “Soul by Splash”, which captures the very essence of all those summers and brings them forth in a new and refreshing way.  We eagerly await you all to join us for another unforgettable summer and create happy memories that will last a lifetime.


Soul by Splash is located in Kamari beach, one of the most popular and most visited seaside resorts in Santorini. It’s a stunning black sand beach, which is about 5 kilometres long and has deep crystal-clear waters.


People visiting Soul by Splash bar come for its delicious refreshing cocktails, stay for its unique friendly vibe and leave filled with wonderful memories and experiences.


Delight in an exclusive culinary experience at Soul by Splash restaurant and take your vacation up a notch! Thanks to our gifted chef John Boukouvalas, we serve a variety of heavenly made dishes.

Beach Bar

Soul by Splash beach bar is irresistibly charming and a real gem on the black sanded beach of Kamari. It offers a wide range of facilities and services to its guests, catering to everyone’s needs.


Soul by Splash is ready for your big event! Located on the renowned black sanded beach of Kamari, it’s the perfect venue for your wedding with the capacity to host any element from engagement party to reception and beyond



Food and drink



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A full refund of your reservation will be provided if cancelled before 48 hours of your rental date.  Please select your reservation time during the checkout process.    If you do not cancel your reservation and you do not appear by your reservation time, there will be NO refund whatsoever, and the host will be free to rent the umbrella set and/package to another guest.    No refunds due to inclement weather.

When making a reservation, you will be charged a booking fee.  The booking fee includes all taxes and fees and is non refundable at any time.

You acknowledge and agree that the host, not is responsible for the beach sets/packages which you have reserved and for any other problem that may arise from you entering the beach.