About Us

Welcome to BeachDibs.com! Where you can reserve an umbrella and sunbed or various other packages with any participating beach. Simply reserve and relax!

Why we exist

Hello! My name is George and I am one of the founders of Beachdibs.com. I helped create Beachdibs.com after my own frustration in trying to find umbrella sets for myself and my family while on vacation in Greece. It all started in August 2016 when my wife, kids, and I went to my homeland of Greece and wanted to enjoy a day on the beach. Imagine my disappointment when I came to the first beach, unpacked all of our stuff and took the kids on the journey from the car to the beach only to find out that the beach was completely packed with no room for my family. Then imagine this happening three more times until I finally ended up at a beach that had availability but was not family friendly.

I came back to my home in New York City and could not shake this experience. How are we so advanced in technology today and there is no way to book umbrella sets in advance of a trip? This is when I decided to create Beachdibs.com with the mission of making online reservations for umbrellas and sunbeds easy so you (and I!) can enjoy more of our vacations! I would love to hear from you! Please share your feedback or requests to partner at info@beachdibs.com


How it works

With just a few easy clicks, you are able to choose your preferred beach and reservation package. First search from a number of different islands and beaches. Then select your package, date and time of your arrival. Prepayment at check-out is necessary to ensure the reservation. A booking fee, including all taxes and fees, will apply. Your umbrella and sunbed(s) will be waiting for you when you arrive. Then enjoy your vacation!

Cancellation policy

A full refund of your package reservation will be provided if canceled before 48 hours of your rental date. If you do not appear by your beach’s cut off time policy, you will forfeit 100% of your beach rental, and the host will be free to rent the umbrella and sunbed(s) to another guest.

Reservation cut off times vary by beach. There will be no refunds due to inclement weather. No refunds on the admin fee.


You acknowledge and agree that the host, not beachdibs.com, is responsible for the beach packages which you have reserved and for any other problems that may arise from you entering the beach.

After completion of the reservation, only the host, not beachdibs.com, is obligated to complete the reservation by providing the guests with their pre-purchased package, booked through beachdibs.com.

When selecting a package, you are selecting an area and not an exact umbrella on the beach. Reservation times vary by beach. Restrictions may apply.

Partner with us

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